Reproductive Heath and HIV prevention

Theme 9 - Reproductive Health and HIV prevention

This module emphasizes developing awareness on symptoms and ways to prevent Reproductive Tract Infections (RTIs) and ways to maintain personal hygiene. The module also builds knowledge on HIV and AIDS, transmission modes, symptoms, prevention, and its management.

You will learn on the following topics of Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention

  • Emphasizes on personal hygiene and awareness on symptoms of RTI and ways to prevent
  • Learners demonstrate comfort in sharing concerns about their reproductive health and in accessing services without shame and guilt
  • Understanding vulnerability of adolescents and women to HIV
  • Information on prevention and services for testing counselling and treatment of HIV/ AIDS
  • Countering myths and misconceptions related HIV/AIDS

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Learn through videos
Sno Activity Learning outcomes Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4
1 Personal Hygiene and RTIs
  • Describes ways to maintain genital hygiene
  • Explains symptoms and ways to prevent RTIs

Activity 9.1 - Kalai.

Activity 9.1 - John.

2 Vulnerability of women and adolescents to HIV
  • Explains vulnerability of adolescents and women to HIV
  • Describes the services for testing, counselling and treatment of HIV and AIDS

Activity 9.3 - Sumitra.

Activity 9.3 - Rohit and Rita.

3 Leading life positively
  • Recognizes that people living with HIV and AIDS should not be discriminated against
  • Explains the role of healthy lifestyle and support in enabling HIV positive person to live a fulfilling

Activity 9.5 - Rahul.

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