Interpersonal Relationships

Theme 3 - Interpersonal Relationships

A strong, deep or close association between two or more people that may be for a short or long duration is referred to as an interpersonal relationship.

You will learn on the following topics of Interpersonal Relationships

  • To develop interpersonal skills in building and nurturing relationships with family, friends and community
  • To deal with unhealthy relationships
  • To develop the skills of empathetic communication that helps nurture relationships and skills required to deal with unhealthy relationships in an assertive manner
  • To develop skills on how to work as a team

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Learn through videos
Sno Activity Learning outcomes Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4
1 Understanding Other's Emotions
  • Identifies various emotions
  • Demonstrates understanding of others‟ thoughts and emotions


Activity 3.1 - Reena and Pintu.

Activity 3.1 - Jemy.

2 Dealing with Unhealthy Relationships
  • Identifies attributes of unhealthy or negative relationships
  • Demonstrates strategies to deal with unhealthy or negative relationships

Activity 3.3 - Iqbal.

Activity 3.3 - Ronny.

3 Building Harmonious Relationships
  • Expresses attraction and romantic feelings positively
  • Demonstrates skills to negotiate with their parents and guardians
  • Demonstrates skills to negotiate more space and autonomy on issues of concern

Activity 3.5 - Salman.

Activity 3.5 - Simran.

Activity 2.2 - Manju.

4 Resolving Conflict
  • Demonstrates understanding of different approaches of resolving conflict
  • Practises skills to resolve conflict

Activity 3.6 - Raman and Saurabh.

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