Values and Responsible Citizenship

Theme 4 - Values and Responsible Citizenship

Values are inner standards that provides the motivation to act, signifying what is important and worthwhile. Values also serve as a basis for moral codes and ethical reflection.

You will learn on the following topics of Values and Responsible Citizenship

  • To help learners to reflect on what constitutes their values
  • Align them with Constitutional values for responsible decision-making
  • To recognize that values influence their decisions and learn to prioritize them
  • The learners here also initiate action on the values that align to the constitutional values
  • Implement active citizenship objects to internalize some constitutional values
  • To balance and negotiate between their personal and civic values

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Learn through videos
Sno Activity Learning outcomes Video 1 Video 2 Video 3 Video 4
1 Real-life Value Dilemmas
  • The learner recognizes how values influence decision-making

Activity 4.1 - Razaa.

Activity 4.1 - Tehseen.

Activity 4.1 - Kabir.

2 My Values, My Behaviour, My Decision
  • The learner, reflects and becomes aware of one’s own behaviour
  • The learner takes responsible decisions based on certain constitutional values

Activity 4.4 - Deepak and dilshad.

Activity 4.4 - Firoza and Ruheen.

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